Vincent E. Robles

Vincent Robles is a southern Californian based artist, designer and furniture maker who considers his experiences as a builder and dweller of residential homes, a point of visual and conceptual inspiration.  He draws his influence from the built environment, furniture forms and architectural iconography when making sculptural objects, a piece of functional furniture or a site-specific installations. 

Robles will often appropriate functional elements of architecture, common building materials, as well as found objects relating to the home vernacular into his building method.  Frequently, he will take these elements that are associated with the domestic experience and employ the physical act of deconstruction to alter their surface or inherent nature.  This is done in an attempt to better understand the matter at hand and through careful manipulation of materials a new form is achieved.  Utilizing the language of furniture, he will create objects that further question our perception of furniture forms and functional objects within the domestic environment.

See Vincent E. Robles' work and chat with him on October 15th at the 2nd Local Butcher art show: