MaxWood Co. was born out of a retired musician’s desire to continue living creatively without traveling in a van ten months out of the year. After a decade of filling gaps in touring by making a buck in the more crude elements of building, I found myself working in wood shops for different industries including high fashion show rooms, sports action trade show builds, creative installations, and restaurant builds. Through this journey I became accustomed to different aesthetics spanning from rustic to ultra sleek modern. In this, I found a great love for high end furniture design, and a conscious, well thought out approach to building and presentation.

I’m always searching for that balance between what a piece dictates through its inherent qualities, and what I can coax out of it. Searching for that sweet spot that reminds us of our place in the natural world. It’s important to me to tame raw material without smoothing away every trace of it’s story.

I accentuate dimension wherever possible. I want you want to walk a circle around it, visit with it, maybe discover something; because you can’t help yourself.

At its best, a piece will combine intentional craftsmanship with the wildness of nature. At it’s best, it will snatch and illuminate a rare moment when the mind and the hand can elevate the true, unattainable wonder of the physical world. It will sanctify a piece of nature’s history, and set it gently into a reverent capsule.