Come join us for our 4th show on February, 2018!!

Just as a quick little back story, there is a term “woodbutcher” that gets thrown around in my line of work sometimes. I like the duality of the name “butcher” because it calls to mind something raw and fierce, but in actuality, it is a highly refined skill where the person using the craft needs to understand the anatomy, and forgiveness of the medium that is being worked; to have x-ray vision, in a way. I also like the more old world concept of the local purveyor. You wouldn’t go to the super market, you’d go to the cheese shop, then the butcher, then the farmers market, and so forth. San Diego has a great sense of local pride, and I think it would be smart to waive that flag a bit.
— Max McDonald, MaxWood Co.

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Local Butcher is an art gallery focusing on three dimensional art, fine art, furniture, and sculpture across different mediums and influences.

We will be doing our 4th show on February 17th from 6-10PM.

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See the address and map below. Admission is free. More details to come soon.


3358 F. STREET