Maegan Brown

As a visual artist I tackle many versions of the category. Not only do I create canvas paintings, but I’m also a body painter. I paint all different shapes and sizes of both male and female alike, including myself, yes I paint my own body. My models and I also belly dance and perform live for musicians and bands alike, taking visual and performing art to a whole new level. my body paint is my way of bringing my art to life, fusing my world with the world around us. I believe everyone is beautiful, and everyone should see themselves that way, and the rush of putting your body out there for the world to see just as it is, is an art form in its own, the art of self acceptance. my goal is to show the world the body isn’t meant to be a sexual object, but a beautiful canvas for one to express themselves with. ts empowering, and a much needed visual for the close minded world of today. I am opening eyes and expanding minds, but most importantly I’m giving people a reason to feel confident in themselves again, and excepting of all shapes and sizes. an artistic movement for the mind body and soul. and a change for the heart.
— Maegan Brown


Come see Maegan's work in person and say hi on July 16th at the premier Local Butcher art show!!