Clayton Llewellyn

My work explores the cast-off byproducts of our progress. As the responsibility for
evolution becomes our own and our technologies advance at an exponential rate, what is left by
the wayside? What grows in the wake of our post human existence? Is it a benign form of fungal
growth, waiting in a cave, that holds the cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s? Is it some mechanical
super flu that will return us to a pre-industrialized state? Could it be that self-aware creature,
growing under the sea, which waits to destroy Tokyo?

The periphery of our progress and our attention is as important as the goals and
aspirations that fuel humanity’s headlong rush forward. My work turns over rocks, looks in
closets, and pokes that thing slithering on the seashore, hoping for a glimpse of the unintended. It makes the profane and discarded beautiful and interesting. With my drawings, I hope to bring
attention to the wonder and fear that grow at the edges of our attention.
— Clayton Llewellyn


Come see Clayton's work and meet him at the 2nd Local Butcher art show on October 15th!!